Coatex: an Italian excellence

Coatex established in 2007, born from long and great experience of the partners, to meet the growing requirements of a continuous changing market. Coatex offers services such as design, construction and installation of Industrial Plants for Coating and Finishing fields.

A team of specialized designers, a workshop equipped with special equipment, a constant updating of production processes and assembly systems are the strengths of the company.

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Coating & Laminating Division

  • Coating lines for the production of air-bags
  • Coating lines for the production of tarpaulins
  • Coating lines for the production of conveyors belts
  • Coating lines for the production of synthetic leather
  • Coating, impregnation and coupling plants for the production of technical fabrics and composite materials
  • Laboratory plants for coating
  • Plants for impregnation of carbon fibers
  • Laboratory plants for coagulation
  • Embossing and laminating machine

Finishing Division

  • Finishing plants for wood windows and doors, lag elements , wood shading systems
  • Finishing plants for wood furniture, chairs and tables
  • Finishing plants for wood structural elements and disassembled components
  • Finishing plants for plastic and metallic elements, auto parts, appliances, chassis and enclosures
  • Treatments plants for jeans

All lines and single equipment are in accordance with the European Directives on reference to the design, use and maintenance.