ELM C-20 was designed not only for the embossing process but also for the other types of applications so that operators can optimize and fully exploit the plant’s huge capacity in terms of production and quality. Technical innovation applied to the ELM C-20 embossing-laminating-machine are many, resulting in the creation of a state-of-the-art plant, suitable for efficiency and competitiveness needs of the sector.

Here are the main functions ELM C-20 can perform:

  • Embossing of a coagulate base
  • Embossing of PVC synthetic leather
  • Embossing of a semi rigid PVC calendered film
  • Embossing by engraved rollers or release paper or fabrics
  • Laminating of PVC crystal film with coated fabrics
  • Laminating of one PVC films with fabrics with or without adhesive
  • Laminating of two or three PVC films
  • Metallization or transfer printing with metallic film or hot stamping papers