Basic flow coating

Made from self-supporting side panels. Upper closure part with polypropylene guide rails and containment bands. Inner panels completely covered with glass Teflon material. Stainless steel collection tank with total inclination on one side. Stainless steel hydraulic circuit. Inside spraying ramps with special removable polypropylene nozzles that can be positioned horizontally or vertically. Double stainless steel filtration system. Double membrane pneumatic pump for product flow. Product loading and unloading from single inlet. Drainage of hydraulic circuit under pressure. Independent product pick-ups with stainless steel clamps. Modular drip sill. Teflon wheels mounted on tank holder base.

Rotary flow coating

Made by galvanized sheet painted  panels self-supporting.  Top closure with polypropylene  guides and containment  bands. Interior panels completely covered in Teflon. Collection tank in stainless steel with a total inclination by a side. Hydraulic circuit made of stainless steel. Internal spraying rotating ramps with special nozzles, separable, with  horizontal or vertical guide , made of polypropylene. Filtering system made of stainless steel. Pneumatic double diaphragm pump for product flow. Loading and unloading product from one input. Emptying  of the hydraulic circuit with air pressure. Product floaters autonomous with terminals in stainless steel. Drip modular. Teflon wheels mounted on bathtub basement.

Automatic flow coating

The tunnel flow-coating is composed, in the inner part, by a series of brush-containing stainless steel coated with Teflon-glass material with high resistance to facilitate the sliding of the finishing product.The external containment is made of steel Fe tubulars and sheared and folded sheet panels powder coated. In the input and output of the tunnel are provided  vertical aspirations for any fumes (Ø fireplace expulsion mm. 200) .The inlet and outlet vents are free for a correct call of the article to be machined while the upper part is completely closed and a polypropylene guide system allows to translate the hook-holder without waste of the finishing product. In the below part is located the INOX steel collecting basin of the  product. The slope of the tub, in a single side, allows a “minimal recovery” act to ensure the suction phase of the total product deposited inside. Upon completion of this transaction, it has been installed an air pressure device controlled by a panel to improve the ability of “emptying” inside the circuit. For the application of the product are used stainless steel suitable pipes complete with special nozzles quick change, powered by diaphragm pump.

Water dirt separator

Initial procedure: The water to be treated is loaded into the upper part of the machine in automatic and/or manual mode. When the maximum level has been reached, controlled by a system with a valve closure float, continue by adding the flocculation agent. The flocculation phase begins. The internal automatic stirrer guarantees that chemical products are perfectly mixed (required stirring time: about 10 minutes). After the stirring phase there is a waiting period that varies between 2 and 6 hours. Final procedure: When the floccules have been deposited, the water discharge valve is used so that the water flows through the bag filter, where clear water and floccules are separated. The clear water drops into the collection tank situated at the bottom of the decantation system. The floccules are held in the special filter bag until it is full. When the filter is full of floccules, it needs to be replaced. The user can now use the clear water for washes or other treatments by operating the external valve. As a result of the free-fall effect and by using the manual valve, the user can benefit from a partial water supply (lower tank) for various purposes.