Birail automatic conveyor

The automatic conveyor is built using finely painted steel tubing joined by special electro-welded flanges. It is divided into two lanes: the upper one houses the main chain and allows it to move, while the lower one performs the same functions for the double or single  trolley support for the netted bar for holding items. The latter are attached to the trolleys by means of reinforced bolts and containment bearings for the electro-welded pins reinforced on the bars. In areas used for the drying phase or storage, these are released from the main chain and are arranged in two independent storage lanes. A sequential hydraulic system with anti-wobble control valve guarantees fluidity in the movement of the bar holder trolleys released from the main chain. The bars for holding items, supported by double trolleys, are netted in order to make it easier to fasten the items to be used using shaped hooks.

Monorail automatic conveyor

The monorail conveyor is made of steel tubular finely painted and joined by suitable flanges. Adequate structural support, specifically designed for each case, provides strength and load capacity. In the automatic version a biplanar chain, the type 4 bearing on the cross of two orthogonal axes, articulated in all directions, offers the possibility to insert the attachment points with variable pitch. A driving assembly, worm, with continuous variation of the speed controller by PLC-controlled control panel manages the movement of the chain. A system of cool-lubrification, for lines affected by the areas of high temperature cooking, injects small amount of lubricant at low pressure excellently performing cool-lubrification function to great effect.

Metallic boxes conveyor

The automatic system for handling metallic boxes  has been realized to take advantage of the air spaces that are not normally used in laboratories or finishing areas . The plants  is constituted by a sliding system with parallel chains which in step determined move on the horizontal support bases: metallic boxes. The operator hovers above the metallic box, subject to working position horizontal, the material being worked. After  the processing, maintaining its horizontal expanse, the metallic box begins the vertical climb for the area of drying air and / or movements. The system is controlled by PLC and inverter to control panel and allows the operator to take advantage of the opportunity to advance the metallic box speed-controlled, continuous, step-by-step and / or in reverse. The control panel is also prepared of the signals required for the insertion of controlled systems for automatic painting. For its features modular construction ,the system can be lengthened or shortened very easily by inserting or removing a module from the main line.