The internal departments Coatex allow you to produce a wide range of components and semifinished products, using modern technologies (CAD-CAM systems) and advanced machineries.

Carpentry department:
  • Heavy carpentry
  • Light carpentry
  • Special carpentry
  • Stainless steel carpentry
Turning department:
  • CNC turning
  • Manual turning
  • Realization of rollers and cylinders
Milling department:
  • CNC milling
  • Manual milling
  • Boring
Assembly department:
  • Assembly of subgroups
  • Assembling of machines
  • Pre-assembly on site and assembly on site of industrial plants
Painting department:
  • Manual spray painting
Spare parts warehouse:
  • Commercial components (bearings, motors, gearboxes, etc ...)



Coatex S.r.l.
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Tel. +39 0444 965381
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