Maintenance and service

By making available its experience in the field of mechanical engineering, the flexibility of its structure, a workshop equipped with machine tools and their rapid response teams, Coatex is the ideal partner for those companies in which the maintenance and assistance to the production lines assumes an appearance for high criticality.

The main activities of collaboration are:
  • Preventive maintenance:
    • control, monitor and log systems and how they work with the programming of activities and interventions to ensuring the stability of performance over time
  • Ordinary maintenance:
    • cleaning, replacement of wearing parts, calibration and repair of installations in optimal working condition
  • Extraordinary maintenance:
    • Interventions quickly and efficiently in the event of sudden failure with the full and immediate support of the workshop machine tools for the reconstruction or repair of damaged components
  • Revision:
    • Recovery activity of all or part of plant and machinery not working in a state of deterioration particularly serious. This activity can be developed at our plant or at the customer's site (where the conditions and structure permit)
  • Technical assistance:
    • development, programming and management of modification, adjusting, displacement and rearrangement of lines or line parts
    • collaboration with manufacturers of plants for the supply of personnel and equipment necessary for the installation of new equipment
    • design and implementation of changes and special components for the adjustment of production lines to specific needs



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